Who We Are

We are here not for income, but for outcome

Testimony foundation was registered on 31st January 2020. It operates i the area of Agona Swedru in the central region of Ghana. The main aim of its establishment is to protect abandoned children and give power to people to decide and participate in departmental activities in our area and be able to support the vulnerable members of the society.
Themajor activites of the organiztion are to support adandoned children and orphans. The organizations through its members works hand in hand with the district council in implementing support innitiatives in our area. The priject will be implemented by the management team of testimony foundation . The admministrator will be the cordinator of the project. The chairprson will be the supervisor for al the project. The tresure will be responsible for issuing apporved cheques for payent.
The procurement process will b done through bids and an internal procurement committee in accordance with standard procurement procedures and regulations. The secretary will see to it that all records are kept properly. Our policy in procurement preaches about zero corruption.

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